Astria Learning in partnership with AILIT presents the first of their new series of workshops and corporate events with “Women in Leadership: Breaking the glass ceiling” at the magic town of Tepoztlan, México.

Women Workshop

To change is to grow; symbolically and through the new partnership with AILIT, Astria Learning is expanding its services as part of its OPM to cover Workshops and Corporate events. This new partnership will bring about a new opportunity to adapt to the learning needs of their target audience.

After the launch of the Executive certificates in 2018, the new OPM partnership has expanded its catalog to include the new “Women in Leadership Executive Certificate” and through this very immersive first round of the first series course: “Women in Leadership: Breaking the Glass Ceiling”, it gives way to the right setting to draw from this theme to launch the first 4 days, 3 nights workshop in the beautiful and magical land of Tepoztlan, Mexico.

Getting out of one’s comfort zone is rarely pleasant, but it’s the first prerequisite for personal growth. For our dear ladies ready to break the glass ceiling and awaken their inner leader, AILIT provides this gem of a workshop in partnership with Astria Learning.

Those looking to sharpen their inherent leadership abilities while learning strategic skills that will add value to the way they manage and own their career..

Unlock the pathway to successful female leadership by joining the Women in Leadership: Breaking the Glass Ceiling workshop.

This is a match made in heaven for those who don’t prefer working in large groups! This innovative workshop strives to empower and help female leaders see their potential.

Explore The Wonders of Tepoztlan

Use this Thanksgiving to learn effective leadership tactics and methods to persuade people to buy into your vision. Spend holidays abroad and connect with female leaders globally by joining the Women in Leadership Workshop at Tepoztlan, Mexico.

photos of the workshop location

AILIT’s Women in Leadership Workshop offers an unforgettable experience that empowers and helps female leaders see their potential in action while meeting like-minded individuals and exploring the wonders of Tepoztlan.

This workshop is meant to give the attendee experience through a series of lectures and activities a breakthrough in their leadership style.

While the workshop’s focus will be breaking the ceiling, the women in the workshop will engage in activities such as movement, hiking, temazcal, or similar; to practice what will be delivered through the classroom activities and wisdom from our speakers and facilitators..

Course Structure

Women in Leadership Workshop equips women aspiring to leadership positions with the skills, concepts, and new perspectives they need to reach their career goals, make significant contributions to their organisations, and maximise work-life balance.

It focuses on the critical competencies required for C-suite readiness: communication, executive presence, developing leadership strengths, and developing a personal vision.

Participants will get a unique opportunity to:

  • Break all proverbial ceilings preventing them from being the best version of yourself;
  • Gain perspective in leadership in the function of the long road traveled for women by women, and the road ahead in regards to the professional, cultural, and social ceilings that exist in our culture for women;
  • Reevaluate their particular leadership style, and consider trying fresh strategies;
  • Develop the ability to explain a vision and inspire followers.

This workshop can serve as an introduction or a culmination of the course “Women in Leadership: Breaking the glass ceiling” which is part of the three courses needed to get the Women in Leadership Executive Certificate.

Our Renowned Faculty and Facilitators

Dr. Hellicy C Ngambi

Dr. Hellicy C Ngambi

As the main lecturer for the workshop, Dr. Hellicy C Ngambi brings to the table her experience and wisdom on how women in leadership mean being a pioneer in many places where women have yet to take the spotlight.

Through her powerful insight as a pioneer of RARE (Responsible, Accountable, Relevant, Ethical) Leadership, which aims to form future leaders, those who are resourceful, socially, culturally, and environmentally responsible attendants will have the chance to grow as leaders. Dr. Hellicy C Ngambi is a sought-after speaker and presenter. She has made numerous local and international presentations.

She has served and still serves as either a chairperson or vice-chairperson on a variety of committees, councils, and boards in South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, and the USA, including Ubuntunet Alliance, Zambia, Research Education networks, and the presidential appointments to the various boards including the Central Bank of Zambia.

Dr Maja

Dr. Maja Zelhic

Dr. Zelihic is a Dean at the Forbes School of Business and Technology at the University of Arizona Global Campus. She is a Fulbright specialist and an expert in the field of perception. Dr. Maja Zelihic brings her experience in leadership, research, and a unique perspective as an academician.

As an accomplished woman leader herself, she will introduce participants to the second course in the Women in Leadership Series “The Power and Impact of Gender Perceptions in the Global Business World: E.P.I.C Approach to perception in Building Influential Female Leaders

Dr. Zelihic’s expertise and insight contribute immensely to creating business professionals. She developed courses that teach practical management skills; her courses are considered the next step in the business industry and are heavily used by leaders and CEOs across the USA.

Lara Rosenberg

Join certified Warrior Goddess facilitator Lara Rosenberg for an inspirational, experiential afternoon learning to move from fear and begin to embrace your true essence.

Through HeatherAsh Amara she will guide us through a powerful introspective tool that has the potential to reflect on our blockages, and in our case, through this workshop, the ceilings or limits that we put on ourselves.

In addition to being a certified facilitator with Heatherash, Lara Rosenberg is a Sundoor Global Firewalk Instructor, Drumming Sounds Facilitator, Certified International Yoga Therapist, and Continuing Education Provider.