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Business Leaders

Executive Certificate in Leadership

Online Leadership development course is designed to help you reach higher levels of business success.


Start Date: March 2023

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Executive Certificate in Negotiation

A well-prepared negotiation strategy can potentially increase the chances of having favourable agreements with key stakeholders i.e customers, investors, suppliers and colleagues.


Start Date: March 2023

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  • If you want to gain a higher position in your company or start a business of your own, our accredited online business certificate programs are here to help you on your quest to success.

  • American Institute of Leadership, Innovation, and Technology (AILIT) has partnered with a number of world leading business and IT experts in various areas to provide you with online training resources unlike any others.

  • We constantly update our courses and work with professionals in the industry to support you and allow you access to everything you need to accelerate your career.

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What are the best online certificate programs that pay well?2021-09-21T09:04:09+00:00

You can invest in your career starting today with pursuing one of the following high paying careers through online certificate programs:

  1. Business & Management
  2. Software & Web development
  3. Marketing & Sales
  4. Website Development & Graphic Design

There are many more out there. Be sure to pick a niche that is best suited to your interest and abilities.

What type of business certifications you can get online?2021-09-21T09:12:50+00:00

Top five online professional certificates for advancing your career are:

  1. Leadership & management certificate
  2. Risk management & negotiation certificate
  3. Project management certificate
  4. International business management certificate
  5. Microsoft certified professional
What certifications can I get online?2021-09-21T09:09:16+00:00

Certifications online range from most popular careers related to Business, Management, IT technologies, Marketing, Web and Graphic design to many others. 

Are online certificate programs worth it?2021-09-21T09:10:36+00:00

A graduate online certificate is a nice credential to add to your resume whether you’re looking to give your career a boost or to add some new skills to your repertoire.

If you have left your primary education because of the time or the cost, you had no time, or because of the lack of a program that meets your needs, an online certificate program might be the best option for you.

How long are the programs2021-09-21T09:02:49+00:00

The program lengths varies:

Executive Leadership Certificate – 6 months

Negotiation & Conflict Resolution Certificate – 6 months

Certificate in Software Development – 12 months

Certificate in Network & Cyber Security – 12 months

What are the benefits of online studying?2022-04-01T10:15:36+00:00

Five basic principles that favour online studying over traditional one are:

  1. Making the time for your Career advancement and hobbies
  2. Having the Flexible schedule and working environment of your choice
  3. Lower costs and debts
  4. Acquiring higher levels of Self-discipline and responsibility
  5. Wider choice of course topics
How E-learning & online studying works with E-campus?2022-04-01T10:17:19+00:00

Online studying is the principal of modern education. When you enroll in an online learning program, you’ll be an officially registered student with access to all required resources.

It is upon the institution to determine the format of your individual course and to select delivery methods that are best suited to your specific needs.

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