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Strengthen your interpersonal relationships, develop more effective decision-making strategies, and increase your influence and success in any business setting by enrolling in the Executive Certificate in Negotiation.

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Adapt a dynamic negotiation skill for day-to-day interactions, or complex deals, environment be it a one-on-one, group or discussion across cultures.

Analyse and improve your capability to work in a global mindset, and understand the implications of global trends on your business environment to evolve as a global negotiator.

Apply negotiation qualities and lead effectively to win situations.1111111111111111111111111111

Create strategic value-creating deals involving complex stakeholders and issues.11111111111111111111111111111111111111111

About Executive Certificate in Negotiation

A well-prepared negotiation strategy can potentially increase the chances of having favourable agreements with key stakeholders i.e customers, investors, suppliers and colleagues.

Program Overview

This program will help you to gain insight into how to influence and negotiate effectively during complicated situations and learn how negotiation can be a tool in changing the course of the process.

Learn the vital skills that will help you rethink negotiation as a valuable tool for problem-solving & creating value in every interaction

Adapt in a dynamic negotiation with day-to-day interactions or complex deals.

Whether you’re a salesperson looking to improve your presentation skills, a business leader negotiating with upper management, or an entry-level employee looking to advance your career, an Executive Certificate in Negotiation can help you negotiate and influence confidently.

  • What Are The Benefits of Online Negotiation Certificate?

    Our online executive certificate in negotiation provides you with the soft skills needed to succeed in the field. 

    From advancing your career and connecting with new partners, to securing more favorable terms and deals, the art of negotiation is an essential tool in the world of business.

  • Who Should Take This Program?

    The Executive Certificate in Negotiation is for all-level managers in all fields, executives, negotiators and entrepreneurs who want to enhance their role performance to further organisational success.

  • What Will I Learn at Online Negotiation Training?

    Our online Executive Certificate in Negotiation program will teach you how to set up, lead and analyse negotiations with various proven techniques. 

    In addition, you will also understand how to identify cognitive biases, eliminate discrimination and unfairness and conduct business transparently and professionally regardless of the setting or culture.

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