Cyber security programming is more important now than ever. With the continued increase in complexity and severity of cyber attacks, online cyber security skills provide career opportunities like never before.

Get the fundamentals of security concepts including threats, policy and procedures, risk management, and disaster recovery.

Learn technical skills required in network administration and support as well as what is needed to excel in the network certification exam.

Learn to install and configure network components to support organizational Security.

Learn cryptography algorithms used for safe transmission and storage of sensitive data. Get best practices on access and account management.

Analyze and interpret security logs on Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems, as well as get an intro to basic forensics.

Analyze and interpret security logs on Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems, as well as get an intro to basic forensics.

Be introduced to programming concepts including code organization, decision making, how to handle errors, and debugging Applications.

Learn the key concepts of Web Security including the mindset, discipline, and methods for securinga software project.

Learn the mindset, discipline, and methods for securing a software Project.

Be an expert in the vulnerabilities faced by every technology user and organization including hardware, software, and various ‘threat actors’.

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  • What Are The Benefits of Information Technology Certificate Programs?

    Becoming well-versed in the fundamentals of cyber security is essential for any technically minded professional. By being able to efficiently and accurately assess the threat and vulnerabilities, you will make a real difference.

  • Who is it Suitable For?

    Online cyber security certificate is suitable for any technical professional looking to master fundamental data protection skills.

  • What Will I Learn?

    With American Institute of Leadership, Innovation, and Technology (AILIT) you will learn how to leverage your knowledge of hardware, software and network processes to ensure the safe transmission, storage and encryption of highly sensitive data. You will gain an advanced understanding of best practices for programming, encryption protocols, monitoring and system administration, as well as project management and web application security.

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